Janet Bond Janet Bond

Bond.Janet Bond

Licensed to Sell

Ready to put the best real estate agent in North Atlanta on your case? Someone who's sophisticated, knowledgeable, experienced and knows how to get the job done right? You need Bond . Janet Bond.

You see, Janet Bond is no ordinary agent. In fact she used to be a broker, overseeing 170 agents. There's not a contract that Janet hasn't seen, nor a problem she hasn't come up against - and solved.

You Only List Once

Janet has a knack for selling homes. She's been working in the North Atlanta real estate market for 20 years and she knows the area as well as any agent out there. Her network of contacts in the area is vast and her ability to get deals done is unmatched.

For Your Buys Only

In the market for a home? Janet will work tirelessly to find the home that's right for you. Janet listens carefully to your wants and desires and scours the real estate market for the house that's fits your needs.